FISCHER Coating Thickness Gauges: For Paint, Zinc, and other metal coatings

Made in Germany Quality, Full Local Support

Using Fischer FMP Coating Thickness Gauge to Measure Coating Thickness on sample

Fischer Coating Thickness Gauges or Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Gauges are known for measuring dry film thickness quickly and non-destructively. 

To ensure that quality control can be performed quickly, smoothly and reliably, the requirements for dry film thickness and coating thickness gauges are just as high as for the coating itself.

In 1953, Helmut Fischer developed and produced the first coating thickness gauge in his workshop in Stuttgart, Germany. Over the years, our portfolio of portable coating thickness gauges for non-destructive quality control has been continuously expanded, renewed and optimized.

Fischer coating thickness gauges are characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness due to easy operation. Benefit from proven, precise and accurate results with your Fischer coating thickness gauge.

Man using coating thickness gauge to measure paint thickness
Using Fischer FMP Coating Thickness Gauge to measure coating thickness on outdoor structure
Measuring coating thickness of samples using Fischer FMP Gauge and Measurement Stand

Well-known for high accuracy and reliability

Fast measurement and report generation with data export

Made in Germany with full local support

Common Applications

  • Paint, Zinc, Copper and other coatings on Iron, Steel and other magnetic metals 
  • Paint, plastic and other coatings on Aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and other non-magnetic metals
  • Wide range of fully exchangeable probes for dry film thickness gauges

Main features

  • Made in Germany
  • Repeatable and reproducible
  • Comes with Manufacturer’s certificate, operator’s manual, base plate and calibration foils
  • Ready to measure – able to measure a wide range of applications with data evaluation possibilities with Fischer Datacenter and PC Datex
  • Wear-resistant probe tips
  • 1 year warranty on gauge body and probe
  • Data export via USB cable and Bluetooth


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