FISCHER XRF Spectrometer: Fischerscope X-ray XDV Series

Measure the smallest spots with the highest precision

Fischer XRF Spectrometer XDV

The Fischer XDV Series is a range of high-performance XRF Spectrometers which are able to measure the thinnest nanometer film coating thickness on the smallest spot sizes (down to 10 microns).

The XDV Series offers high intensity from its advanced polycapillary optics or large collimator size (up to 2mm). Together with the latest Silicon Drift Detector, measurement time is significantly reduced compared to regular XRF. After evaluating your application and measurement requirements, Fischer will recommend the best X-ray for your application.

With high quality German engineering and full local support, you can be assured to get the most out of your XRF.

Mr Ziegler using XRF Spectrometer XDV for coating thickness measurement
XRF Spectrometer measuring layer thickness on printed circuit board
XRF Spectrometer measuring layer thickness on wafer

Measure the smallest spots down to 10 microns

Fast throughput with programmable XY stage

Made in Germany with full local support

Common Applications

  • Thin gold, palladium and silver coatings on leadframes, contact pads, ICs, wires, printed circuit boards, etc. 
  • Metallization layers on wafers
  • Solder ball composition
  • Multilayer applications

Main features

  • Compliant with international standards – EN 61010
  • Compatible with cleanroom environment
  • High-end Silicon Drift Detector for detecting thin layers
  • Polycapillary optics for focusing of X-ray beam to small spots
  • Comes with WinFTM software installed in PC for data evaluation
  • Data export possible to Excel, SECS-GEM, TCP-IP, OCP


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