gold and precious metal testing machine

Make sure all that glitters is gold with the unique GOLDSCOPE SD® gold testing machine. Chosen as the most reliable supplier of XRF equipment by all major Assay houses in the UK and Ireland, Fischer Instrumentation offers the ideal instrument for the analysis, value determination, and authenticity testing of gold and any other precious metals.


  • Compact and sturdy desktop instrument for non-destructive material analysis with X-ray fluorescence.
  • Extremely safe. Thick metal shielding fully protects users and your customers from hazardous X-ray energy.
  • Doesn’t require any sample preparation and produces accurate results with typical test times of 5 seconds
  • Small aperture of ∅1mm allows to focus and measure in precise spots
  • Highly accurate camera allows to focus and measure in exceedingly small spots on a sample
  • Large and small samples can be allocated thanks to the spacious measurement chamber with the usable placement area of 305x409x130mm
  • Various complex geometry jewellery can be tested thanks to be bottom up measurement and focus adjust feature
  • WinFTM software for seamless measurements, data collection and processing comes pre-installed on PC or laptop


All Fischer X-ray instruments are supplied with a fully-featured software package that includes a report editor module. 

Optimise your workflow, save time and resources, and professionally present the measurement data to your customers. Simply create a template and report your test results directly from the instrument.

Incorporate tables, charts, pictures, spectra, and statistical data into a professional document with your company logo. With one click of a button, the report can be printed as a ‘certificate of testing’ to accompany the goods. The final results can also be exported to Excel, CSV, and PDF formats.


You will have received an onsite installation training session when the machine is commissioned. This is designed to get you up and running.

Many customers, however, request additional training after a few weeks or months – because usually, questions relating specifically to their measurement application and production activities arise sometime after they start using the X-ray.

Also, with time, the original operators may leave the company, and a proper handover of knowledge relating to the instrument does not occur – so invariably key information gets forgotten or its importance diluted.

Make sure you keep trained, informed, and knowledgeable about your X-ray and of its capabilities.

Technical support, advice, and information are free: call our applications support line and speak directly with a Fischer technician.

GOLDSCOPE SD® Applications

  • Accurate thickness measurement on sterling silver, rhodium coatings or gold alloys
  • Precise precious metal content evaluation in jewellery trade and manufacture
  • Instant results, automated data storage and labelling allows a high throughput of samples for metal refiners
  • Extremely fast sampling and assaying of precious jewellery as specified in the hallmarking process on London Assay website
  • Ideal instrument for buy and resell of precious metals to ensure and guarantee the genuineness

Service and Applications Support

Your application challenges are our prime focus. We’ve built two state-of-the-art laboratories in Lymington and Nottingham, where our technical experts with more than 25 years of experience are eager to help you. We’re always available to assist you with choosing the right instrument, developing a new measurement approach, testing samples, defining an appropriate application, and creating a compelling case study or a report to prove your ideas.

At the same time, our service department ensures almost an instant response to any of your requests, with an average turnaround time of 48 hours to resolve outstanding issues and enough engineers in your area who are available to travel on-site to support you.

Fischer Instrumentation offers one year warranty on all of the instruments supplied. This fully covers you for any unexpected breakdowns or issues you may encounter.


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